Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter break

One of the many good things about having a bike with a basket is that when I spot something dumped in the street, I can scoop it up and leave the scene of the find quickly. So this Easter I'll have my hot-cross buns on my lovely new-old wooden painted tray.

School holidays also begin tomorrow and as such I'll be popping in only intermittently over the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we're off to a friend's house to bake hot-cross buns, the smell of which will be heavenly. In the lead-up to Easter, though, I've been adding the odd hot-cross bun to The Child's lunchbox as, like me, she's a big fan. What she doesn't know is that the hot-cross buns she's been enjoying are from a company called Ancient Grains and made with wholemeal flour. Unless you knew, you wouldn't pick it. I figure a little fibre before the onslaught of chocolate come Sunday can only be a good thing!

Have a lovely extra-long weekend. x

Vintage bunny illustration via Lee Mathews.


  1. Great find Vera. Such a pretty little weathered tray. Perfect for eating hot-cross-buns off.
    Happy Easter to you and the child and the husband x

  2. Have a great Easter, Vera. That tray is such a lovely find. Might have to get me a bike and basket too! :)
    Ronnie xo

  3. My bike has a basket big old wicker one. When my dog Mollie was a tiny puppy I used to put her in the basket and take her for a ride in it.

    The tray was a good find...I keep hearing about all these treasures that my Aussie friends find on the roadside.Have jsut come back from Freo and didn't find anything put out at all!

  4. What a gorgeous tray, nice find & rescue.

    It always amazes me what people throw out, especially since I see character and all they see is old... and is therefore discarded.


  5. we are off to visit my bestie who is baking us hot cross buns tomorrow - I can't wait. Have a good long weekend, I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends xx

  6. Such a cute reason for having a bike :) The tray is lovely!

  7. I always look at your finds and think what a good eye you have. That tray is a case in point, especially considering you spotted it from your bike! Enjoy the easter break and the chocolate. T x

  8. That tray is a great little find. Hope you are having a lovely Spring break. Best wishes, Tammy