Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas menu

The Husband and The Child are on their way home after another successful camping trip. I chose to make the most of their absence by cleaning the whole house in preparation for Christmas - and now the house is spotless. I've got an hour, I reckon, before they drag sand, twigs and general camping grime across the pristine floors...

In the meantime, I've been putting the Christmas menu together. So far the options are:

homemade limeade
Stone's ginger wine & Frangelico sparkling cocktail

glazed ham with carmelised onion relish
roast spatchcocks with chorizo and sage stuffing
peas with pancetta and mint
roast kipfler potato salad

pavolva with cherries, berries and passionfruit
mini fruit-mince cheesecakes

Lulu's choc truffles

We usually barbecue a turkey (true) but we're going to be radical and shake it up this year.

The only definite on the list is the ham, as I've ordered a lovely free-range one from the same deli that we buy our favourite sliced ham from during the year.

Might do some things on Christmas Eve and some on Christmas Day. Might change it all (though The Husband is sure to go for the spatchcocks with chorizo, as he'd happily eat chorizo stuffed with chorizo all year round) once I've consulted the others.

That's the fun of planning.


  1. Sounds delish.
    If you've got time I'd love a link to the cocktail and mini fruit mince cheesecakes recipes Vera...

  2. Wow what a delicious sounding menu. x

  3. Yum. What a great twist on the traditional meal. Our Christmas menu always includes a pavlova roll with summer berries so so that end of the menu is sounding very familiar to me. I hope you enjoy yours. (Know what you mean about the cleaning too. Sigh!)

  4. Ooh that sounds delicious, am just wondering if I can get there in time!!