Thursday, December 1, 2011

A pinch and a punch

This is the advent calendar I made a few years back, using matchboxes and vintage wrapping paper, but the calendar we actually use is this one:

Reason being I like to have a mix of surprises for The Child to discover throughout the month and it was too hard to find little interesting inexpensive bits and pieces that would fit into matchboxes. Even chocolates were tricky. Pretty sure advent calendars weren't meant to be stressful.

Happy first day of summer.


  1. Your linen calendar looks beautiful, I can imagine it would be hard to find something small to fit in a matchbox. Mine looks a little similar but it's made with paper envelopes instead and just a couple of lollies one for each girl, much nicer than those chocolate ones. I wish they still sold the ones I had when I was little when there was a pretty picture inside, they were so much fun to open each day.

  2. Really lovely. You have such a knack with making pretty things. My advent calender is still in pieces waiting to be sewn. I guess we will have to skip the first few days!

  3. The matchboxes here are really small and so hard to fit anything into. Your advent calendar is lovely hanging across the bookshelves with all the crocheted bits and bobs. Good luck with your tomatoes. I had success with some in pots two years ago but last year they didn't do well at all. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy