Friday, December 16, 2011

Hidden beauties

I will never need a small container again after buying this set of mini canisters for just $10. The biggest is about 15cm, the smallest 10cm. I'm going to use them around the house for practical things, like bandaids, buttons, something to hide the cat medicine in, and then just toss them in cupboards as I like storing bits and pieces in attractive containers even when out of sight. Makes opening a drawer just that little bit nicer.

Got these copper measuring scoops on the same day from the same stall. Not sure if I can use them for food (I'll have to check that it's safe first). If not, that's fine as I keep missplacing my favourite trowel in a bag of potting mix and maybe it's time the plastic washing powder scoop jumped into the recycling bin.

Have a lovely weekend.

NB: My baby can cook! The carrot cake was (and still is) delicious. She is so proud and so are we. x


  1. Inordinately envious of those copper scoops...they are glorious....I would use them all the time.