Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bags it

Picked up this calico bag yesterday as I wanted needed it to carry home all the lovely stonefruit (today's favourite: white peaches) available right now. Much better than the fruit getting bruised rolling around at the bottom of the bigger bag I take to the markets.

I got it at Jodie McGregor Flowers in Annandale for $3.95 and I'll be going back to get a few other designs. They're from Apple Green Duck and available online here.

I already have another of their bags, the hampi, which is cotton and rolls up so I pull it out of my handbag whenever I'm caught short at the shops - much nicer than the ubiquitous synthetic ones. Their animal-print calico bags, I think, would be perfect for kids' book bags.

Hand-on-heart this is not an ad. Just lovely products.

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  1. They are lovely products aren't they? I know Ms Apple Green Duck slightly via her local shop and a shared taste for tennis, and she seems to have an excellent eye for things which are both useful and pleasing to the eye.