Monday, January 30, 2012


My collection of natural cleaning brushes is growing. At The Bay Tree last week, I added two types of brushes that I haven't come across before (if you don't count plastic components - if you do, of course, they're everywhere): a scrubbing brush and a thin bottle brush.

Best of all, at Orange Grove markets on Saturday the stall that sells my beloved natural dishmops was back - but without the dishmops as she'd sold out. This stall is a bit like Brigadoon - you never know when the mists will part and reveal her wares to the human eye. Luckily, though, she takes orders.

Next time I see her I'll also pick up one of the Tumut Broom Factory's millet brooms she carries. I didn't have enough money on me on Saturday - they're $45 - as fruit, veg and a bunch of eucalyptus was my priority.

Now I have to use my scrubbing brush rather than just admire it.


  1. I think I have brush envy! I am slowly but surely adding to my natural brush collection, but it's actually very hard to find such products. Any ideas for online?

  2. You are setting new heights in brushes for me to aspire to! I found a new range of wooden-handled eco dish scrubbers at our local supermarket the other day which were very pleasing, but these are even better.

  3. I haven't seen a lot of this stuff at an affordable price online, unfortunately. Having said that, Heaven in Earth has the best nail brush I've ever used. It was in a press pack I once got for the launch of Magnolia Markets in Sydney and I would buy it in a heartbeat. I was about to post a link but I see it's not there anymore (the one on the site isn't the same). Mine has a single row of stiff angled natural fibres that easily removes soil from under the nails after a day's gardening.

    Here's their website address, though, as they do have some lovely products:

    I'd also check the aisles at Bunnings if you're ever there for another reason anyway as I'm sometimes surprised by what I find there.