Monday, January 16, 2012

Floral tribute

2012 has finally reached STSP and I've been celebrating with Australian natives. My absolute favourite botanicals for their sculptural, rough, wild beauty. They always remind me of beach holidays where banksias line the bush paths that lead to the sea.

So when I saw a set of vintage placemats at I Like Birds last week for $12, there was no doubt these were coming home.

It's said that Australian soliders sailing home from WWI could smell home before they could actually see it, thanks to the smell of euclyptus wafting towards the ships on a sea breeze. Don't think that's actually true but a nice myth worthy of the mighty gum tree. And they're as easy on the eye as they are the nose when they're flowering. At the top is a sprig of flowering gum, a bunch of which I picked up at Orange Grove Markets in Lilyfield for $15 (best inner-west markets for flowers by far, in my opinion).

Pre and post Christmas I kept picking up branches or bunches and at one point I was lucky enough to have some in every room. I didn't manage to snap a pic of all the Christmas bush we had around the place, which is unfortunate as nothing else, apart from cherries, says December like it.

The sturdier branches even look good when they're finished, not that I've actually finished with these just yet. They'll be put away and retrieved come winter as kindling for the fireplace. Try doing that with peonies.

We're still in holiday mode here and will be throughout January, so I'll be posting three times a week instead of five during the school holidays.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to 2012.


  1. Happy New Year Vera! This post is truly divine... I absolutely agree native flowers are gorgeous and just speak for themselves. I love all your arrangements and wish I had a few spotted around my place... I think you have inspired me! BTW you and me I still feel like I am on holidays... long lunches, early finishes!

  2. Happy new year. It's interesting to think of the different native plants that announce the holidays. In NZ, pohutukawa trees also have lovely over the top red blossoms..just as in northern hemisphere berries decorate winter gloom for December. It's great how nature works it all out.

  3. Beautiful photos as always. I love a bunch of fresh eucalyptus about the house, but I don't usually steer towards natives when buying flowers. Your photos have convinced me to look closer. I am taken by the idea of floral kindling too!