Friday, January 20, 2012

Life's a beach

We're attempting to do something most mornings of the holidays so we can justify doing nothing in the afternoons. A favourite something is a swim in the Pacific at our Sydney beach of choice, Clovelly.

Coming round the bend of the aptly named Ocean Street always puts a smile on our faces.

Past Clovelly Bowling Club, which must be the best-situated bowling club in the city.

We had a rock-star park right at the top of the path that leads to our favourite spot at the beach, only possible midweek. Usually it's The Husband's job to drop us off here while he scours the area.

For anyone who doesn't know Clovelly, it's an almost paperclip-shaped bay with sand at one short end and open to the ocean at the other. To the sides, the rocks have been concreted over to form platforms that make the water accessible to all. This was done during the Depression to provide jobs for the unemployed.

The result being Clovelly Beach is like a huge ocean pool where the water reaches the concrete edges like an infinity pool at high tide and you can dive straight in. At low tide, there's lots of ladders to help. The sandy end is mostly used by families with very young children and the sides by everybody else.

To the other side of Clovelly Bowling Club is Waverley Cemetery, which has got to be one of the best-positioned in the world. Standing here gives an idea of the shape of the coast, as you can see the sand of both Bronte and Bondi Beaches to the north.

Have a lovely weekend. x

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  1. I recently visited a friend in Sydney and did the Coogee-Bondi walk. I was very impressed with all the beaches (especially Clovelly) but they're a bit crowded for my liking! In Adelaide you get the whole beach to yourself just about.