Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day sales

I don't usually go in for the Boxing Day sales but the Mother-in-Law's in town and she's always keen to hit them. Not that she needs me to hold her hand. Quite the contrary, as it would be quite the hinderance for her fossicking through the racks with only one.

I traipsed along to pick up some more of the cotton/bamboo Turkish-style Hammam towels, $34.95, Country Road is doing this season. Had being eyeing off similar towels at Toast among other overseas sites for ages but shipping prices from the UK made buying them a silly prospect.

When I first saw them in Country Road I immediately bought three with a dark grey stripe. Today I scored another two in what CR is calling Nutmeg at the great price of $22.72 each as towels are 35% off at the moment. Bought the last two the Pitt St Mall store had in this colour so am on the lookout for a third for the Child.

They're also marked down online to about $26 but adding on the $10 delivery fee makes the whole deal less of a bargain, but still less than walking into a store and paying the full price.

Love these towels, not only because they look great but because they're large and quite thin (yet extremely absorbent) so take up so much less space in the cupboard than regular towels. Don't even mind too much that some of the fringe knots have unravelled in the wash.

Have plans to re-knot while sitting in front of the TV one night. The Husband and Child will no doubt smack their foreheads in disbelief but I'm thinking it's a small price to pay for a nice, neat row of knots that will greet me from the bathroom every time I open the door. Or maybe knot.

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  1. Fantastic, creative, brilliant, inspiring and absolutely fascinating!
    Your going really well, Mum!
    Love The Child a.k.a Your Daughter.