Friday, December 24, 2010

Last-minute gift idea

As I was leaving the last Eveleigh Farmers' Market for the year last Saturday, I spied this basket of herbs for just $20. Containing nine herbs and a lettuce in a great old basket it was too good to pass up. Where could you buy all the individual elements for less than $20? Not anywhere around me that I know of.

If I don't need it as an emergency Christmas gift, I'll plant the herbs in my own garden and use the basket in a similar way another time.

If you're stuck for a last-minute present this would be easy to make at home, either with herbs or something like a red geranium (there's lots of good-sized ones around for about $10 at the moment). All that's needed is a basket, some coco or coir fibre (available from garden shops and Bunnings), potting mix and a plant.

Use the coco fibre to line the basket, fill with potting mix, stick in plant, water, done.

Tip: If the basket has a tight weave that you can't see through, use a plastic bag that's slightly bigger than the basket to line it rather than the coco fibre, poke some holes in the bottom and cut off excess at top once the potting mix is in. Thicker, department-store style bags are perfect.

Merry Christmas x

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