Thursday, December 30, 2010


Where in Sydney can you stay on the harbour - and I mean a few metres from the water - for $45 a night? Answer: Cockatoo Island.

We decided to take ourselves and extended visiting family over for a night. While we packed most of our food, we bought a bottle of red from The Island Bar to accompany our AC Butchery sausages, and some very good lattes from the cafe the next morning to add to our breakfast.

Cockatoo Island camping is for anyone who doesn't like camping. The showers wouldn't be out of place on the pages of Inside Out, and there are power points in each roomy cubicle for hairdryers. The very clean and modern camp kitchen has a big fridge, electric barbecues and boiling water on tap, which was great for the grandparents who were keen on a cup of Twinings Camomile and Spearmint before bed.

That's our tent, so you can see we were right on the water's edge. Even the ferry ride over is beautiful.


  1. Is it BYO tent? Don't have one of those. Fancy

  2. We did BYO tent but most people don't. For $45 extra you get a tent, camping mattresses, lantern and chairs. All you need to bring is bedding. We take sheets and a blanket or duvet as not into sleeping bags. Sleeping bags more camping than glamping, me thinks. We also take wine glasses. Glass, of course. x