Friday, May 20, 2011

Forever friday

Friday is my favourite day of the week. It's the anticipation of two entire free days that lay ahead for the whole family. Reminds me of preparing for a holiday.

I like to get the house spruced, with fresh bedlinen, clean towels and a bunch of eucalyptus scenting the air. Even the Cat's barkcloth-covered beanbag that lives in front of the fireplace gets a shake and air in the sun in readiness for tonight.

The favourite grey linen apron in the top pic was bought at Merci in Paris, as I like to pick up everyday homewares to remind me of places. Things I'll touch and use all the time. Travel can be a weekend in Orange or a night in the Blue Mountains. Doesn't have to be an exotic location at all. But we were lucky enough to go to Europe last year, from where I also brought home dishcloths (yes, for washing up) from Muji in Rome.

Better than snowdomes, to me.

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  1. have a wonderful weekend! love your linen rituals! x