Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pillage of the woollen village

I thought I was clever buying an affordable cashmere/silk dress, which I wear over jeans. Would be soft, cosy, warm, I thought. I was right, it is. But it also pills. Ergh.

Refusing to buy one of those battery operated pill removers sometimes spruiked in shopping centres I remembered that pumice stones are supposed to work. So I tried a gentle pumice on the offending item and declare the result to be me: 1, offending item: 0.

So now all my recalcitrant woollen troops have been given the once over and are fit to be marched publicly again. Nothing like wool peace.


  1. great. I'll try it! One of those battery operated pill removers chewed up a cardigan in a most obvious place and I had to throw it out and I have pillfully shuffled around since then.

  2. Well done Vera, certain family members aren't happy about me washing their favorites as they think that I produce pilling? So, I've discovered that putting most things in lingerie bags works, no more pilling!