Thursday, May 5, 2011


The first of the prints to be framed for the Child's room is finally done. One of the reasons I'd been putting this off is because the sizes of the prints compared to the vintage frames I'd bought are a bit odd.

Mats would fix the problem, of course, but I'm not about to start spending money at a framers unless I know we'll keep these pieces as is, which I don't. So decided to make my own mats. Very successful, I think, it was too.

I searched around You Tube for a few hints and the offerings were pretty dire really. However, I did find a cheap and cheerful solution here. Admittedly, I wouldn't use this method if I was the Queen having a few photos of Kate and Wills hung but it's fine for my purposes.

It's not the most visual or creative of tutorials, to say the very least. I ignored the measurement formula the video advises so can't vouch for that but took away the idea of folding back the cardboard to create smooth lines.

One down, three to go...

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