Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Woman of the cloth

I love a tablecloth and these are the ones I use all the time. Trouble is, the only room I had for them was on a high shelf, which could be reached but not easily. So would either have to grab the little kitchen ladder to be able to pull one out from the middle of the pile or just take the top cloth every time.

Enter basket bought last week. Basket is perfect height and easy to pull down off shelf. I wish I'd done this years ago. High excitement in our house over this.

Admittedly haven't polled the entire household but would just demand a recount a la Pauline Hanson if excitement vote didn't go my way.


  1. Lovely photos...I love the mix of baskets with the soft linens.

    I've added you to my reader. I'm off to look around.

  2. I love your idea, it definitely gets my vote;) Practical and very pretty too. :)

  3. That's the sad thing about pretty teatowels. They end up stashed in a cupboard and only make brief appearances before being hurled in the wash. Now you get to see them on display. Love it!

  4. It's amazing how figuring out the simplest of storage solutions can really brighten your day. I just cleaned out under the sink, and put all the bits and pieces in a basket. (Not a lovely one like yours though, just a plastic number.) Love it. But why did it take me SEVEN YEARS to figure that out?!!