Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Material girl

I'm far too tempted by the offerings in good craft shops. Left Calico and Ivy with one and a half metres of birdy fabric and a ball of wool for no other reason than I couldn't leave them behind.

The fabric might be used to cover a lampshade frame, I thought, rather a large one I had but, when I got it home, it was just a bit too much. So into the stash it goes. Not that I really mind as it looks so pretty hovering on top of other fabrics that I have no immediate use for.

An older woman in the shop at the same time was admitting to also buying fabric just because she couldn't resist not doing so. She quipped that as she approached - at this point we thought she's not going to say death is she? - death - she did - she couldn't possibly use all the fabric she had and might as well be buried with it. It was a light-hearted moment (she wasn't that old) and we agreed she'd at least have lovely padding.

I'd prefer other options, personally, so might dig out a smaller lampshade frame/s and do a tutorial. Might work in the bedroom. Off to check.

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