Thursday, September 8, 2011

Washed up

Sometimes I'm quick on the uptake. Sometimes not.

The husband and I share the cooking in our house. I'm on Monday through to Thursday and he takes over on Friday night. As we both enjoy cooking, we like this arrangement.

What we don't share is the cleaning. He works full-time, while I work part-time from home and don't mind housework (odd, I know). What I've just woken up to is that I've got the timing all wrong. For years.

I'd clean the kitchen on Fridays so it was all sparkly for the weekend. Lent an end-of-the-week celebratory feel to the house. Downside is The Husband is not the neatest of cooks so I'd get the kitchen back on Monday morning looking like it'd been used as a small abattoir over the weekend.

Now I clean the kitchen early in the week. Most times. Being a creature of habit I forgot again this week.

I'm learning.


  1. Great set of brushes and love all the natural brushes.

    I often find the washing up and scrubbing quite meditative. So satisfying when it is all done.

    Have lovely weekend.

  2. That's quite funny - but I do agree that sometimes just changing the day you do a particular chore can changes things quite a bit! For example, sometime this year I started sorting the laundry on Mondays and Thursdays which meant we had clean clothes in our drawers at the beginning of the week and for the weekend! Nice photo too Vera!
    Ronnie xo

  3. We share the cooking too, we both love time in the kitchen so it really works out best. Cleaning is done on rotation, which works too. Love the pic x

  4. we have exactly the same cooking roster, which works well for us too.

    i've been collecting brushes like this. yours look fantastic in this picture.