Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clean break

The house had gotten a little out of control and so I'd put aside today for a thorough clean. Turned out to be a perfect day as the rain was torrential, thunder and lighting was pummelling the skies and Sydney traffic had come to a standstill.

The Husband and Child stayed home today prompted by radio announcements recommending anyone who could should work from home today - the roads really were that bad. Not wanting to be deterred from my task, I popped back into bed (it was still early) and took this book with me. It's a trick I sometimes use on myself.

Looking at lovely clean, uncluttered rooms makes me want some too.

Coffee finished, I hit the shower and started on our bedroom, kicking The Husband out.

"Do you know it's International Women's Day today, Mum?" asked The Child. I did.

Perhaps not the best day to don an apron, in retrospect.

Edited to add: this is a lovely book with nice words, apart from one major boo-boo. One chapter opening lists the great flea markets of the world, and includes Sydney's Paddy's Market. Which is a bit 'What the?' Paddy's Market isn't a flea or vintage market. It's a fruit and veg market with a side of cheap and nasty stuff, including badly made designer knock offs. Gave me a good laugh, though. Believe me, if one of the world's great flea markets was a couple of kilometres from my house, I'd be there all the time. I haven't been to Paddy's in years...


  1. If things are bad housewise I get myself inspired in this way too. Sometimes its only the dream of what could be that gets me energised. Shame that im in between houses right now (packing) seeing this makes me want to redecorate immediately.
    Love the clean lines of the top cupboards with the wooden slatted underneath.

  2. I wish my house was this clean and ordered. How is the book, would you recommend it? x

    1. I would, Zara, but only if you don't have too many of these types of books already as they can seem a bit samey after a while. I bought this one because it has a house I particularly like and know - I bought a set of photos of it and ran a story around it when I was homes editor of Notebook. It's the house of Zoe Ellison, owner of a homewares store in the UK and I particularly like her style and liked reading a bit more about her. You'll have to forgive me. I can get a bit geeky about home styles. Professional hazard...

  3. Well done! I've set aside some time this weekend to do the same thing. I've made a deal with my boyfriend that if tackles the outside, mowing etc, I'll handle the inside. Fingers crossed!

  4. I started off the year right working on the kids bedroom but never finished and haven't done much since. Clearing and cleaning takes a lot of time and creates a lot of mess in the process. The pictures in that book are very inspiring. Makes me want to toss everything and start over. :) Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy