Friday, March 16, 2012

Ebony and ivory

The gold ones were too high, so now that there's a bit more room in my wardrobe thanks to the posting off of the giveaway bags I've added these to the shoe rotation. My wardrobe is therefore having an ebony-and-ivory-go-together-in-perfect-harmony moment.

So now I have two pairs of wooden bricks to walk around in. They're surprisingly comfortable as long as I don't step on anything not completely flat as there's no give in the sole. Walking over a grate makes me look a little drunk and I take the right one off when I drive as can't feel the brake pedal properly, but otherwise all good!

Have a lovely weekend. x

ps. I've been to Sweden and have no idea how anyone could possibly totter around in these in Stockholm's designery Sodermalm district. One word: cobblestones...


  1. I've admired these from afar on many school mums, I'm just not game to try stepping into a pair myself for fear of toppling in public. I do hope you enjoy them and am completely loving the colour palette.
    Wishing you a super weekend.

    1. Had no idea I was entering school-mum shoe territory! Better than a pharmacist, I suppose, which is what I got last time!

  2. LOVE the colour. I've got the apple green in this style which I've loved to death and am scouting for a new colour for a new pair for winter.
    Totally concur about the driving and the uneven surfaces, although they've been handy for negotiating wet playing fields for weekend sport, a little extra height goes a long way.

    Happy weekend,

    1. Saw the apple green ones when in Funkis and thought of you, Felicity. The colour is so very pretty.

  3. Your Funkis really are funky. Love them.
    I can't help myself thinking that you need to declutter all your stuff now - if you know what I mean!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. I'm a clog girl.
    My daughters call me cloggy (not in a nice way!)

  5. I made gozleme today. It really was easy. And so good. Will definitely be making more. Have a great weekend. Tammy