Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kicking autumn

It's the first day of autumn, and I can feel my clothing mindset changing to visions of long sleeves and cardigans in shades of plum and olive, even though it's about 30 degrees outside.

Am thinking all those colours, not unlike the top of my coffee table, should go nicely with my new Funkis clogs.

I was wearing them for the first time the other day when The Husband's business partner remarked that his mum used to be a pharmacist and would wear them to work back in the day. Not quite the look I was going for. Maybe I'll only wear them to Swedish design shops.

Truth is, though, I've also got my eye on the gold sandals. Just the thing for kicking through fallen autumn leaves.


  1. I love them!
    Last year I bought a pair of Funkis apple green high plait sandals and have tried to wear them at every chance I can because they are just so comfy.
    The only problem is that I mysteriously took a chunk of wood out of the front of the right foot and it looks a little sad, but I still adore them.
    I've been eyeing off a new pair and will hop over to the website now for some inspiration.

    Happy day!

  2. I reckon they look awesome Vera! Nice coffee table you've got there too - love the palette of colours. No wonder you're dreaming of autumn clothes! Isn't this weather quite horrid? Rain and humidity, please go away!
    Ronnie xo

  3. No way! Funkis clogs are the best! I've been wanting a pair for ages and last weekend I finally bought some from their shop in Sydney. I love them so much, I want to wear them all the time!