Monday, February 21, 2011

Cool change

A change blew through Sydney last night and cooled the city down, which is, of course, a good thing. But I also think our legendary sticky Februaries are a good thing. Not because I like to be uncomfortable and toss and turn throughout the night but because I think it's Sydney's way of preparing us for winter. Otherwise it would be just too hard to say goodbye to summer.

If the weather was perfect I couldn't bear the thought of the end of barbecues in the park on balmy Saturday evenings, the end of dives into the cool of the Pacific on a Sunday morning and the end of doors and windows left open all day and night filling the house with the sounds of summer: magpies warbling and carolling and the sometimes deafening din of cicadas. To wish that away would be just too depressing. Enter humidity to make that wish much easier.

When it's cooler I'll be pottering around in the garden, which is why I dug these Kabwares spoons out of overgrown pots yesterday so they'll be ready to mark where I've thrown seeds when the time comes.

These garden markers, $25 for the set, are made by husband and wife team Alister and Jane Fitchett, who sell their very cute Australian-made stuff on Made It. Whatever the weather, I think these would be great presents. For non-gardeners there are spoons printed with words such as 'live, love, laugh', which could be turned into an original artwork if mounted into a box frame.

A post-February project, perhaps?

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