Friday, February 11, 2011

Crowning glory

I'm not a big fan of Le Forge as I think it's seriously overpriced for what it is. However, they do good sales and I've picked up a few bargains over the years.

Yesterday I came home with this set of three zinc planters for $20 (tallest one is 32cm tall). Not sure what I'll use them for yet. Possibly in the garden (after punching some holes in the bottom) as I like the idea of thyme sprouting from the top of the crown like unruly hair. Maybe I'll fill them with sand, pop in candles and put them on the deck or by the front door. Even thinking I can store balls of wool in them and put them on the mantelpiece.

For now I'm just happy looking at them.


  1. We had a wonderful La Forge moment on the weekend. Bought a coffee table that matches our dining table for $275 (reduced from $1450) and a French Provincial dresser that was also reduced by more than $300. They do a good sale for sure

  2. Aren't they fun and what a bargain! I've got a terracotta pot with a similar pattern round the edge and I love it. Thanks for your kind words about my pattern :-)