Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iron maiden

I like ironing - in the right atmosphere and with the right accoutrements. Atmosphere is created by making sure I'm alone and there's a good feel-good movie on hand. Accoutrements are attractive ironing board cover, smooth iron and softly scented water. I'm then in the zone. I may even possibly go cross-eyed like when a cat kneads its bed with its paws.

I don't go in for expensive ironing water. Instead, I add a splash of orange-blossom or rose water to a spray bottle and I'm away. When my last plastic bottle broke down, I just screwed the squirty part onto an empty bottle and it fitted perfectly. Feels good, looks good.

Tip: A splash of orange-blossom or rose water in a tub lifts an ordinary bath into a steamy Turkish delight.

1 comment:

  1. Where do you find rosewater...this sounds like a lovely way to make ironing more enjoyable.
    xo Jana