Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas at Ikea

Went along to the newly opened Ikea at Tempe yesterday for a sticky beak. Came home with three packs of these cardboard/paper/string reindeer Christmas decorations, which I'll probably use on presents as we tend to go for a red/white/natural approach at our house at Christmas. Thought $2.99 for a pack of four very good value.

No more driving down ugly Parramatta Road to get to the Homebush Ikea, I also thought, would be very convenient. And it is. Little did I realise that the main thoroughfare to the Tempe store, ie Princes Highway, makes Parramatta Road look like the Champs Elysee.

Can't have everything.

There's some nice details at the new Ikea is, which is, well, quite unsurprisingly, like any other Ikea.

But being a creature of habit, I find that quite comforting.


  1. Ikea. Love it. Hate it. Need it. I think you've found the best of it.

  2. I hear you on the travel front. I went on the first Friday and, thinking I was oh so clever decided go in the evening. The Princes highway was a carpark. Hmmmm - I won't be doing that again.


    PS I have those reindeer too!