Friday, November 11, 2011


I've long had plans to do a bit of quilting. Still do. At least I've made a start by making some patchwork cushions for the deck.

I've had the fabric put away for ages. So long in fact that I've gone off it for the bedroom and don't want a quilt made out of it, but I'm happy for four new cushion covers to brighten up the deck now that we're eating all our meals outside again.

As there were no hiccups along the way, these cushions have given me the confidence to actually try quilting rather than just buy the stuff you need and then putting it in a cupboard.

Decided to tone the cushions down a bit by backing with ticking.

Works for me.

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Lovely cushions, very bright and cheery and I'm sure look just the ticket on your deck as you're sitting in the glorious sunshine down under ... after all those words I'm still feeling cold so will need to resort to the heater, again!
    Happy weekend.

  2. Very nice!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

  3. I can relate so well to this. I'd love to think I quilt but, really, I just store fabric that could be used for quilting by someone more motivated than me. Your cushions are inspirational and just the thing for spring.