Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pot bound

It's southerly buster time in Sydney. Long hot days that are broken by a "southo", or cool southerly wind, in the evening. It's a fantastic and much-loved weather phenomenon that sees people all across the city opening their front doors, clothes and hair fluttering all around them, and letting the strong breeze move through homes to do its work. The temperature can drop 10 degrees in seconds. Best air-conditioning in the world.

As I've planted bok choy, spinach and lettuce in pots rather than in our little garden bed, as that's currently busy growing cucumbers, it means slipping into a routine of watering the pots in the morning or evening so they can cope with the heat. Makes me feel like a little old granny wandering around in my pyjamas with a battered watering can - but in a good way.

Found the little brown Ikea pots the perfect size for this job and putting some of them in the old jam-making pot makes them easier to move around. While these pots don't have a drainage hole, I always make one with a drill and a masonry bit.

If all goes well, I'll rotate the "crop" as it gets eaten bringing the biggest closest to the kitchen doorstep and prime northerly direction that these lettuces are currently enjoying.

All I need now is a sourdough baguette, some goats' cheese, tomatoes, olives and olive oil.

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  1. I love your little garden, and that sultry Sydney weather! It's been semi tropical down here in Victoria lately, lots of sunshine, humidity and every few days some refreshing rain. My vegies are loving it!! Enjoy your first harvest x