Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wax works

Some friends and I got together the other evening to make soy candles in between eating dinner and glasses of wine. All supplies were ordered from here, apart from containers as we brought along our own.

I plucked two tealight jars I'd made that have been hanging on my deck for ages, along with an old Country Road ceramic pot and bits of glass. Others had teacups, great finds from the $2 shop, tins and other pieces of glass.

Now that we know how to do it smoothly, we're going to do it again. Much cheaper than buying candles, particularly if sharing the cost among a group. My lot here set me back $16, which includes wax, fragrance, wicks and delivery of supplies.

Sparkling good value.


  1. These look beautiful. They would make wonderful Christmas gifts too.

  2. How beautiful, it looks like bowls of milk. Love the fabric too, cloth?

  3. I'm desperate to have a go at candle making. I used to do it with silicone moulds as a child, loved it.

  4. Whay a great idea. I'd had been thinking about candle making supplies for my 3 girls as a combined Christmas present and that website looks fantastic, thanks!