Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ikea vanilla-scented tealights have always been my small candles of choice but, increasingly, I'm uncomfortable using petroleum-based waxes. Today, after a Sushi-Train lunch, the Child and I popped into Stacks of Wax in Newtown on our way back to the car.

I hardly ever buy beeswax candles, even though they're my absolute natural favourite, unless for a treat or a present as they're expensive. Not so today. I fell upon a box of Australian-made 10 eight-hour beeswax tealights for just $12.

Here's more options direct from the makers, The Bee Whisperer.

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  1. I adore beeswax....it burns without mess and the smell is edible and delicious glad you have found this fabulous candle... and thank you so much for putting me in the magazine xxxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx