Monday, January 10, 2011

South Coast sojourn

There are two great things about spending some time at a South Coast beach house. First, obviously, is the beach. Second is the shopping. Particularly at Milton, three hours south of Sydney, which a shop owner told me was 'the new Berry'.

Mornings in the surf, afternoons in the shops. Perfect.

Pictured at top are two (very generously sized) Bianca Lorenne French-style linen teatowels, $25 each, and one French linen placemat, $28, from Basque Country, Milton; Allowrie Honey jar, $12, from Nikki B's, Milton; and Nana Huchy linen teatowel, $15, from Huckleberry Home, Berry.

Pictured at bottom is the Child jumping at The Gantry, Bawley Point, and Butter London nasty-chemical-free nail polish in Thames (wishful thinking, I believe, as I don't remember the Thames looking quite like that. More South Coast mermaid to me...)

Tip: Soak pure linen in cold water overnight before first wash as it relaxes the fibres and hastens absorbency.


  1. Did you stop by Revival in Milton? It's a mid-century modern furniture goldmine!

  2. I did indeed pop into Revival. All the Grant Featherston chairs had me swooning. Gorgeous.