Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage storm

I like vintage things. I like new things. I like rustic things. Which lead to a bit of a schizophrenic look. So I decided to collect only things that fell under a loose modern-rustic umbrella and leave it at that. If it sounds a bit prescriptive and limiting, it's actually the opposite as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of decisions.

So out went the pastel teacups, girly vases and cushions and in came vintage bits and pieces in stormy colours and naturals. Everything seems to work together now and I'm free to roam markets without worry of picking up something that just looks wrong when I get it home.

Latest buy was from Rozelle markets last weekend. It's the bottom plate in the first pic, that came as a set with bowls and side plates for just $15.

There are a few rose tins and paintings around the place, but every rule needs an exception. Right?


  1. What a gorgeous collection. I love your choice of colour palette. I did have a collection of nanna's teacups on display at one point. All florals and pinks but it was a bit over the top to live with every day. Going with the neutral tones is a lovely idea (and probably much more appreciated by the man in the house than pink roses).

    I love the delicate ribbon design on the Rozelle find. The birdy trio are also sweet.

  2. Thanks Carla. The bird plate is one in a set of six German plates with each plate a different design. They're hilarious because at first glance each scene looks really sweet but on closer inspection you realise the birds are about to murder the pretty insects for their lunch. Cracked us all up when we realised. x