Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top shelf

When the GFC hit, libraries found business booming as households tried to cut costs. I was slow to jump on the bandwagon, mostly, because ours, even though within easy walking distance, is small so I figured it wouldn't have much to offer.

I was then talking to a friend about how I'd tried and failed to get hold of the new Peter Temple novel online from the Book Depository, as it was always out of stock. She'd already read it and returned it - from my local library. I hadn't actually stopped to think that my little library has access to the much bigger ones in our council area. So I'm actually lucky as I get a small friendly branch with wide-reaching borrowing capabilities.

The Child and I are now card-carrying members. I've happily been reading the Summer chapter of Maggie Beer's wonderful Harvest and have bought new season baby zucchini and flat beans to do something intesting with olive oil and garlic. I'll return the book soon and borrow it again when autumn rolls around.

Reading that costs me nothing and adds no weight to my already over-burdened shelves is something I'm very happy with. There'll always be books I prefer to buy and those I'm comfortable handing back. Best of both worlds.

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