Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cord to death

The decluttering continues. I have to confess I bought this shoe organiser last year to store all those cords that usually get shoved and tangled in a drawer. We have so many cords that I was thoroughly sick of getting hot and bothered every time I wanted to recharge the phone, the camera, the Child's camera (different cord required, of course), the portable DVD player, the laptop, the DSI, etc, etc, etc. So very boring.

This particular organiser has 20 pockets and, unbelievably, they are now all full.

I hung it on the back of our old pantry door, as this pantry is used for storage, and have used the underside of laminate samples as tags and attached them with safety pins. However, there's lots of pretty or just practical tags out there that would do the job beautifully.

Even the Child uses it. Success.

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  1. Great idea. Where can I find this show organiser? Thanks!