Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was crochet day. A dear friend and I spent four and a half happy hours making a start on putting together all the granny squares she'd crocheted to turn into a rug. 'Glad I'm not home,' said the Child, calling from Canberra. A sentiment shared by the Husband and Dear Friend's partner.

As we were joining rows using the double-crochet method, a size 5 hook was required for the wool she'd used. I had to use an old bamboo one I had. It was hard, though, turning my back on my beloved Clover Soft Touch hooks as I didn't have one in a size 5. Bit like flying economy once you'd tasted the delights of the pointy end of a plane.

Have learnt that bamboo hooks don't set the metal detectors off at airports, as I managed to get one on board a long-haul flight last year, which is a good thing. Would be a tad embarrassing having my Soft Touch confiscated as a lethal weapon.


  1. Thank god for your patience and perseverance. The basket of squares would still be sitting idly as the cat's bed otherwise. x

  2. Your blog is lovely Vera. Glad to see C's rug finally coming together.