Monday, September 26, 2011

Birds of a feather

Walking down William Street, Paddington on Saturday I noticed a new shop. A shop selling a mix of new-and-vintage homewares. A shop called I Like Birds.

How could I not go in?

And there on a chair was a cockatoo cushion made from a vintage teatowel. I couldn't elbow the browser next to me out of the way fast enough.

Slapped $45 on the counter and came home.

If only today's foray into the city to stock The Child's wardrobe with summer clothes that actually fit had been as quick.

I think I'll make a cup of tea and rest my weary head. On a certain cushion.


  1. What a cute shop..I love it's logo! Your cockatooo cushion is gorgeous, I love the way vintage tea towels are being reused instead of being put away in a drawer somewhere never seeing the light of day.

  2. Very cute and quirky. Makes me want to have a look in my teatowel and tablecloth stash!

  3. That is UNcanny! I was reading Real Living mag, and, being a bird freak myself looked up their website! I was hoping to ask them if they were interested in stocking my artwork, didn't happen to pick up their email by any chance:)

  4. I've got a tea towel I'd like to send your way Vera...if you email your address I'll pop it in the post. It's a birdy one btw.

    I have a Bonnie and Neil Cockatoo cushion which I love, so much character on his little birdy face.

  5. That looks like a shop which is sure to be full of interesting things if your cushion is anything to go by. Commiserations on the clothes shopping. I try to shop for the girls without the girls but I am wondering how much longer I can get away with that. Our DJ's had fantastic sale stock in all the right sizes and brands when I popped in so I hope you were just as lucky.

  6. I love birds, too and that shop looks absolutely delightful. That kinda shopping I can do. But shopping for clothes or shoes, forget about it. Have a great week. Tammy

  7. I have read a lot of press about this shop and actually drove past it the other day but didn't have time to call in. Lucky for you, otherwise that cushion wouldn't have been there and your elbows wouldn't have gotten a workout!

    Good luck with the shopping - I bet $45.00 won't get you very far in the fashion stakes - Stephie x