Monday, September 5, 2011

Sew sunny

Now, I may not have a dedicated sewing space in our house - it's just not big enough - but that counts for little when, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the rest of the famiy are out and I can turn our deck into a temporary outdoor sewing room. Which means, the placemats and the sack are finished.

I'm never going to love the sack, but it's fine. The fabric is beautiful, the hem worked out (I made it tiny) and I really like the shape around the arms. What this experience has given me is the confidence to unpick a similar dress I have, one with more shape and a zip, and try to copy that pattern. It was that dress that sent me searching for a pattern in the first place.

That dress has always been slightly too tight under the arms, and therefore rubs me up the wrong way so if Project Sack II or Slim Sack doesn't work out, I haven't really lost anything.

Not sure where all this new-found sewing confidence is coming from. All this sunshine must be going to my head.

How good is spring?

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  1. Oh bliss. You give me hope. Our new house is sans sewing room (boo) but it DOES have a couple of decks and this set up here looks just delightful!!