Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bottled charm

Would you believe me if I told you these were my latest market finds? Well, the cotton lace tablecloth is but the set of six little milkbottles tied together with string are from Bed Bath N Table, $14.95.

The lovely shop assistant told me someone had come in and bought a bunch of these to use as centrepieces for a vintage-style wedding they were organising.

As I'm not planning a wedding any time soon, I'll either use them for cut herbs in the fridge, for pens and pencils on my desk or, of course, filled with small flowers cut from the garden.

Or maybe The Child will get a jasmine/pen organiser combo surprise on her desk when she comes home today.

Or maybe I'll cut the string and have 6 little bottles to add to the collection hanging above The Child's bed.


  1. Gorgeous. And how lovely are those hanging bottles above the bed!

  2. Sweet.

    So sad to read that more dove babies didn't make it, but glad to hear that you can live with the Sack. Mine is looking very sack-like too.