Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mint condition

The best cup of herbal tea I've ever had was in an upmarket country restaurant in Ireland the year before last.

It was a work trip and I was travelling with three other journalists as Tourism Ireland was looking to promote Northern Ireland as a holiday spot. One of our crew, a male journalist from a Melbourne newspaper, always ordered peppermint tea when we were out, which was strange in itself as male newspaper journalists generally like a drink. Turns out he actually did fit the general mould, but was using this trip as a bit of detox.

Now, just the smell of peppermint tea is usually enough to involuntarily make my lip curl. But then, in a really lovely restaurant, he was presented with some fresh mint leaves and boiling water in a cup. Absolutely nothing more to it. It smelt so good I ordered one.

I'd forgotten all about this until I saw our mint had gone a bit haywire in the garden and tried a cup last night. Just as good as I'd remembered. Sweet, light and refreshing.

Not everything has to be complicated.


  1. Yum! This is exactly how I like my mint tea...very middle eastern, I think?

  2. Will have to try it. I'm curious to know how much they charge for that in a restaurant?