Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillow talk

It's time for the changing of the seasonal guard, so to speak. The duvets have been washed and/or drycleaned and aired and replaced with cotton quilts and blankets perfect for spring nights. What I'm also hoping is perfect for spring nights is this pale warm-grey pure-linen bed linen I bought at the weekend from Miss Molly, who had a one-off stall at Rozelle Markets to see how the product would be received. By early afternoon Saturday, I'd been the only buyer so they won't be coming back but they are online, if you're interested.

The lack of sales didn't have anything to do with the product, I don't think, but Rozelle Markets is all about vintage so the environment wasn't quite right.

I've washed the sheets and pillowcases and like the softly crumpled look that comes naturally with line drying and will try it on the bed this weekend. I'm assured the fibres will soften with age, as linen inherently does.

Any bedding that needs drycleaning but is small enough to fit in the dryer, such as feather pillows, I'll clean with this product and leave in the sun for an extra dose of natural bleach. For our large dry-clean only wool duvet I use a local drycleaner that offers a 'Green Earth' drycleaning method that is vastly preferable to the conventional process which uses the rather hideous chemical and suspected carcinogen known as 'perc'. No thanks.

Lastly, the bedside rug has been removed, cleaned and stored.

We're ready for summer.


  1. oh how lovely . it just makes you want to have a hard days work just so you can bubble up with soap and dive right in when the sun goes down. love your writings, and the linens. greens with whites,aah.
    my duvet is so so dirty... why do they make them white?!

  2. Vera,
    I so love your styling. All so fresh and clean. I am looking forward to getting back to our abode and wash everything and get back to my own bed.

    I love Rozelle markets. Might have to organize a pre xmas trip there.

    Google wont let me sign in so going anonymous
    Jill from deuxchiensetungarcon.