Thursday, September 15, 2011

Short straw

The Child drew the short straw when it comes to mothers who'll buy, well, straws.

I'm not adverse to buying frivolous stuff, quite the opposite (unfortunately), but I baulk at buying plastic made to be thrown away. So, of course, The Child developed a bit of an obsession with them. I relented once and bought a bulk pack for a party a few years back and she was so happy you'd think I'd done a lap around the world to fetch them rather than just throwing them in the supermarket trolley.

I know there are waxed paper ones online, but they seemed to be too small an item to be paying delivery for so The Child continued to miss out. Until now. Happily for her, I've found a local shop that stocks boxes of the somewhat-odd-number of 144 for $10.

She doesn't even care that the only colour available is grey.

I have, for the moment, been crowned best mother evah.


  1. haha. well... the 'green' folks recommend these reusable glass straws.
    glass straws?

  2. I'm with your little one, I love straws! I think drinks just taste better through a lovely little straw xx

  3. Cool - I love them. They remind me of my childhood! Grey is good but maybe you could lash out on a colour for the child's birthday?! Only if you feel so inclined of course!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  4. too funny. I LIKE them, but Ill be damned if Im going to fork out even $10 for them. Well ok, maybe if they come in pink......