Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafty jewellery

Have You Met Miss Jones is an online shop stylists love to plunder for all sorts of homewares, particularly bone china goodies such as cockatoo and squirrel lamps and skycraper-shaped vases.

Now they've added a jewellery range designed by Australian Gareth Hughes aimed squarely at the stylish end of the make-do-and-mend brigade, or, at least, those who like the idea of it anyway. Each piece is handmade in Australia, made from either sterling silver, silver plate or 18-carat gold plate and priced from $60 to $299.

I think it's pretty, but make up your own mind.

I couldn't find the range on their website yet but it can't be far away as the press release I received today was marked for immediate release.

Not an ad, promise. I do have one of the aforementioned squirrel lights - used as a nightlight for The Child - but I bought it many years ago at full price. If only the cockatoo lamp was available back then...

Images via Have You Met Miss Jones