Friday, March 18, 2011

Bed linen stock-up

Getting ready for autumnal snug as a bug bedding by adding a few much needed pieces to the linen cupboard. Ordered the Maison duvet cover, and two Euro pillow covers, in white/natural from Aura last week and it all arrived a few days later.

Couldn't resist the free shipping for orders over $150 plus 15% off for new subscribers offer. Loved the natural pillow cases instantly but wasn't sure about the duvet cover as the white fabric (one side is white, one natural) seemed a little thin. Gave it a wash to get rid of the chemically smell, which also gave the cotton/linen fabric a lovely tumbled look, and slipped my duvet in. The white side is a bit thin but doesn't cross the line into too thin. Close though, but I'm happy.

The ticking pillowcase was picked up with a Seneca Textiles duvet set at a recent Peter's of Kensington sale - and I loved it instantly. At less than half price, $86 for a queen-sized set, it was a complete bargain. Here's something similar from Seneca, but the style I got doesn't seem to be available online.

The vintage pillowcase comes from the last Frankie stand at the Finders Keepers market at Carriageworks. There were two, so I snapped up both for a mere $7 each. Love them. I see another Sydney market is scheduled for May 20 & 21 so I'll be sniffing around the Frankie stand for more vintage lovelies.

Aura's Maison

Last, but not least, I've got my eye on some mushroom-coloured linen that's being released next month by Wallace Cotton. I'm a fan of Wallace Cotton products but I'm not a fan of its pricing policy as they don't offer Australian shoppers the same price as New Zealand buyers. For instance, the set I have my eye on costs $277.90 both in Australian and NZ dollars, which means, as they're a New Zealand company, they actually pocket $NZ377.70 (at today's conversion) plus delivery when they convert my dollars.

Wallace Cotton's Tess

I enquired about this once and was told it helps to cover their shipping and that even though many items were considerably more expensive for Australians to buy, it was still good value. The NZ price is no longer visible on the Australian website, which may or may not be a coincidence. I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra but feel a third is a bit rough so will have to think a little (actually much) harder about this one. Pretty though.

Bedroom images via Aura and Wallace Cotton


  1. Actually the wallace cotton tess duvet is a little more in NZ$ (Queen $329.90), but still a bit of a rip off on their part. I too am waiting for it, but not sure if I can justify so much (am a poor design student with expensive taste). Will wait till I can see it instore and decide, looks so lovely and snuggly though, perfect for winter.

  2. Ah, so price is now being differentiated. That's interesting. I tried to check when posting but the NZ prices were no longer accessible here so thanks for the update.

    I'm not going to buy it. Think I talked myself out of it while writing the post. However, it does seem Wallace Cotton is trying to address the problem so I'll have no reason to resist (my own budget withstanding) if something else catches my eye next time. Thanks again!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that we (Wallace Cotton) have recently changed our pricing structure for our Australian customers. Prices are not a direct currency conversion as a portion of the courier cost is allowed for in the product price, but they are now less than the NZ prices to align more with the exchange rate. We are not hiding the NZ prices but currently have a website for our Australian customers and a .com website for our NZ customers. In a month we are launching a new website with lots of great features, which will include the pricing for all countries.
    Unfortunately the price of cotton has increased a huge amount since our last catalogue and our product prices have had to reflect this cost. The Tess Duvet set is one of our higher end linen ranges. Hope this info helps you and that you continue to visit our website. We love being blogged about!