Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pen pal

I've said before that my home office is an open plan environment, ie, the dining room table and a few cupboards, so I like to keep myself tidy, so to speak.

Picked up this rattan cutlery holder in a sale a while back, which takes the place of a stationery drawer. Keeps envelopes, scissors, sticky tape, pens, paper clips, stamps, post-it notes, stapler, hole punch - you get the picture - all in one place and easily sits on a shelf in a cupboard.

Should you do the same don't leave it lying around during dinner as someone may be tempted to dig around looking for a spare fork.


  1. I Love this look! :) I also really like your paper clips? Where did you source them from?

  2. Thanks S&W. Paperclips are from Officeworks' Philosophy range. A link follows. Seem to be on sale for $1 a packet at the mo, but would probably cost $500 to be delivered.