Monday, March 28, 2011


Someone commented that I have a compulsion with tins (in a good way, I hasten to add) so I feel I must also admit to another: boxes. I use them to organise all the bigger bits and pieces that don't fit into tins.

The three I couldn't live without are, firstly, the two that soak up all the plastic kitchen containers that used drive me nuts floating around a cupboard. I was like a dog digging for a bone sometimes trying to find the lid to its matching container. Now I pull the box down to the benchtop and dig away on a much smaller and much less irritating scale.

Ramekins were other items that refused to behave as they wouldn't stack without toppling over at the very softest of nudges or they'd take up an enormous amount of room lined up on a shelf. A third Ikea box contained their attitude in the naughty corner of a kitchen cupboard and we all get along fine now.


  1. My tupperware cupboard is driving me nuts too, what a great idea with the baskets-love it :)

  2. there's nothing wrong with a tin compulsion ;) i love it!
    great idea for the plastic containers, ours are just breeding like crazy & in the back of the cupboard.
    hope your week is full of simple pleasures ♥

  3. The best bit about the plastic container boxes is I am not allowed to put the plastic containers in them as I am a man, therefore I don't understand the difference between "Large Containers" and "Luncboxes and Small Containers".
    I am just to wash plastic things and put them on the side for the founder of Small Things Simple Pleasures to file away at her leisure.
    This works for everybody.
    The Husband

  4. Ah, you're talking to a storage convert. Never ever enough, I'm afraid. Although plastic container boxes are the work of the devil...

  5. I'm with you there, Tania. I reckon Beezlebub has a workshop like, but very unlike, Santa where nothing but plastic is being spat out all day long...