Friday, March 4, 2011

Vintage patch

I didn't think I'd ever embrace the doily but they've proved to be perfect as patches for my increasingly thinning vintage blankets, which I absolutely love.

When a few tears starting appearing in this blanket, I thought its time was up as couldn't think of a way to suitably repair it but I didn't want to let it go as I love this blanket. It's pure, soft cotton and the perfect weight for summer or as an extra layer in autumn. Best of all it fits a queen-sized bed perfectly. Luckily, doily inspiration struck.

First, I tried to put the piece of blanket in an embroidery hoop to keep it stiff while I stitched on the doilies but even though the blanket was thin, it wasn't that thin. So with a bit of navigating what seemed like acres of blanket around my sewing machine's needle, I managed to zig-zag them on in the the most happily haphazard of methods. Works for me.

Next time, I'll try a quilter's hoop as I assume that will take thicker fabric, and sit Jane Austen like by a windown contemplating life with a bonnet on. Or maybe I'll just manhandle technology again and shove it around the machine.

The Child has a similar blanket, in a beautiful coral and white, but no holes yet. I remember her playing with the doilies at her grandmother's house, which were scattered over mantelpieces under ceramic animals and grandmotherly knick-knacks so sleeping underneath a few may conjure memories and sweet dreams. If she doesn't remember the bit where she used to wear them on her head, that is...


  1. Got to love a doily :-)
    I've got a walking foot for my machine which is great for freeform quilting, have you tried one? Might be useful for following the shapes.

  2. Thanks Susie. Knew something like a walking foot existed (clearly sewing's not my forte - not that I have a forte) but haven't come across one. I might try the Singer shop at Bondi Junction as a quick online search I just did then came to nothing.

  3. I am loving doileys more and more these days. Your blanket looks really fabulous with them sewn on. Great idea and thanks for sharing it.
    Pam x