Monday, March 21, 2011

Calming crochet

Our house became considerably smaller over the weekend (and it wasn't huge to start with).

Bright and early this morning, the Floor Man arrived to sand and lime the floorboards in our bedrooms, hallway and living room. We had planned to stay the week in a short-term rental but nobody would accommodate The Cat - not even so-called pet friendly executive rentals. So we decided to block off the back of the house and camp there for the week.

Bedroom in progress shot (but after painting of skirting and picture rails in Dulux White on White).

On Friday, we packed. On Saturday, the removalists came and whisked all our things off to we-know-not-where. On Saturday afternoon, we built our camp in the dining room. On Sunday, I had the bright idea of painting our bedroom before the heavy French armoire returns.

Bedroom after painting with two coats of my new favourite colour: Resene's White Pointer.

Today, as the sweet noise of sanding fills my ears, I'm going to do nothing but crochet as I'm so very, very tired. The top shot is a WIP shot of the hexagon rug I started way back when. It's been ignorned lately as I've been distracted by other woolly projects but today I feel in need of some calming crochet.

The pattern calls for 56 hexagons (I think, but the book has been packed and whisked) and I've got 24, which I'm happily miscalculating to be half way there.

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  1. these hexagons are lovely. Sitting here in Qld suffering the very late summer wishing I could crochet comfortably.