Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Small Things Simple Tins

I'm in danger of having to rename this blog Small Things Simple Tins.

Despite posting that I'm not in need of any more vintage storage tins, I find that I'm the proud owner of yet another tin. As it's not an actual vintage tin, I think I've successfully skirted around my own proclamation. Anyway...

Picked this generously sized tin (27cm x 23cm with a 20cm depth) at Trim's Leichhardt yesterday. Regarded the panettone it contained as bonus rather than a lure, but it is delicious. When I opened the lid, the smell of Italy wafted out (that slightly marzipany sweet almond aroma that I love and The Child loathes).

A great panettone, a new biscuit tin and memories of an Italian holiday all for $14.99. How could I not?

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