Friday, March 11, 2011

Child's play

In just over a week we're having our old Baltic pine floorboards sanded and limed. As The Child's room is starting to look a little tired, we've decided to give her room a bit of a makeover as well.

We're taking the crocheted blanket I made for her last year as inspiration as she chose all the colours, and its always on her bed. The paints have been chosen. We're doing stripes in Dulux Whisper White and Newman's Eye, half strength (a lovely blue The Child found herself in my Dulux fandeck). This will be the third lot of stripes I've done in her room and hoping these will also be the last as, while they look great, it's a laborious job. But she loves them so stripes it is.

I'll turn this piece of barkcloth into a bedside lampshade, as I still have supplies left over from when I had a hobby lampshade business a few years back. I'll do a how-to post when I make it as it's going to be a drum shape, which is simple. The only tricky thing would be getting your hands on the backing plastic as I used to buy large rolls of it from a wholesaler, who didn't deal in retail quantities.

We're still to choose a rug and I've so far been successful in ignoring The Child's suggestion of astroturf. I just need to distract her with a few, erm, softer options. Fingers crossed. In the meantime I'm trawling etsy looking for a few interesting prints to replace some of the younger stuff that she's grown out of. We'll have no trouble there as she likes what I've been showing her. She's a tough but fair client, The Child.

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