Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday it was time for The Child's yellowing bedroom door to get a lick of paint. Removed bits of sticky tape, keep-out notes and the letters that had been on the door since she was a baby. Most of them anyway, as one had fallen off some time back.

Painted the hall side in Dulux Lexicon quarter strength, which is a brighter white than what will be on the trims in her room, and the inside of her door in Dulux Whisper White.

The slate blackboard and duster was picked up from The Bay Tree a couple of weeks ago, which I attached this morning so she could leave us keep-out notes and come-in notes to her friends in style. The blackboard was a winner.

Before school she advised that we would have to answer agelbra equations she'd write on the board before we could come in. The Husband and I stood looking at the first one for a while before she let us in out of pity.

To see what others are doing today in their creative spaces go here.

Before shot


  1. looking great, love the beading handing from the door way - the wall stripes are looking good too

  2. Thanks Tracey, we're getting there! They're actually still the old stripes, which look quite fresh in the photo but in reality are looking pretty ratty. I'm trying to do a little bit of painting on the trims each day (the masking tape down the hall disappeared today) otherwise it looms as too big a job. Stripes are scheduled for the school holidays. That's the plan, anyway. x

  3. What a good idea - a reasonably small job but I bet it has made a big difference! Love the algebra question to answer, I would be stuck on the outside with you too

  4. Oh I love that slate & duster idea! How fabulous!