Friday, March 25, 2011


The floor has finally been sanded, limed and sealed. Today The Cat has run from room to empty room probably wondering what the hell is going on and why we keep moving stuff about. I ask myself the same thing sometimes.

While we're allowed to walk on it today, the furniture returns tomorrow.

We're very happy with the end result. We used Feast Watson Liming Solution and a water-based satin sealer. We used the liming solution to counter any yellow or orange tones the boards may throw up, so to speak, rather than to create a white floor. Very Swedish, I think, but perhaps that's because I've watched the two Stig Larsson movies while camped out in the dining room this week. Pass the herrings, Sven.

Please ignore the bright blue masking tape above hallway skirting boards, which ruin the whole calm and netural effect somewhat, as I have a date with a paintbrush this weekend. Again.

Before shot of hallway


  1. I adore your floors, very swedish, I have never thought about using Liming solution like that, I guess I have always associated it with white floors, but I love the effect it has had on yours

  2. Trust me when I say that you'd need to a magnifying glass to see that blue tape. I would never have noticed had you not mentioned it and I was squinting to find it! Love the floors. They look amazing. Stumbled across your blog from somewhere else. Love it. Now a follower.