Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tin tin tins

I love using vintage tins for storage, which would have been obvious to anyone who saw this post. The big Christian Dior Rose tin, above, was my latest find and a bargain at $15 from Mitchell Road. Mostly, vintage tins are ridiculously overpriced but rarely do you find them underpriced, particularly large ones such as this.

This one makes me wonder who M. Owens is or was and what she kept in the box precious enough to scratch her name onto (I assume it belonged to a she). I'm looking after it for her now and I hope she doesn't mind. I came across it at the Berry markets a few years back for $8. I saw another one of these at Mitchell Road recently for $40, which I think is a silly price.

This one was about $10 from Frou Frou Old and New, a shop in Lilyfield that no longer exists. Well, it does but it moved to the Blue Mountains and changed its focus somewhat.

I try not to pick up any more tins as I don't have any pressing storage issues. Of course, that can always change.

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